+ Where can I get a signed copy of THE DISAPPEARANCES?

You can request a signed and personalized copy of THE DISAPPEARANCES by contacting Main Street Books. Give them a call or e-mail and we will get your copy signed and in the mail to you! Thank you for your interest.

+ The photos on your site are gorgeous. Who took them?

Thank you! My incredibly talented friend Meghan Clemm. Go check out her fine art photography at www.mclemmphotography.com, and hire her for your projects!

And if you're like me, as soon as you start looking at them, story ideas will pop right into your head.

I also designed the site with the invaluable help of Studio Envie. They come highly recommended.

+ I'm writing a book and would like to get published someday. Do you have any advice? Could you read a sample of my work?

I love aspiring writers and am currently working on a section of resources just for you.

Unfortunately, I am unable to read any submissions myself at this time.

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