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Authors on The Disappearances: Favorite Scents

In my YA fantasy debut THE DISAPPEARANCES, sixteen-year-old Aila Quinn is sent to live in a mysterious town called Sterling after the death of her mother during WWII. In Sterling, the experiences that weave life together--scents of flowers and food, reflections from mirrors and lakes, even the ability to dream--vanish every seven years. THE DISAPPEARANCES hits shelves on July 4, and in the weeks leading up to publication I’ve asked some of my author friends to weigh in on the elements they’d miss most if they lived in the story.

Enjoy their answers below (and their books!), and look for more in the weeks to come.

Disappearance One: Scents

What is your favorite scent? 

“My favourite scent is of sandalwood in a fire temple. It takes me back to the earliest days of my childhood.” Tanaz Bhathena, A GIRL LIKE THAT

“Honeysuckle.” – Nic Stone, DEAR MARTIN

“I have a phenomenal sense of smell (truly, I missed my calling as a truffle hog). This is, generally speaking, not a good thing. The word is filled with pretty disgusting scents, so I’m extra aware of the good ones: the mix of sunscreen and salty ocean. Movie theater popcorn. Clean sheets. And, probably more than anything else, the scent of wood smoke in the crisp fall air.” – Tracey Neithercott, GRAY WOLF ISLAND

“Lemongrass, citrus, cinnamon. I can't pick!” – Tara Goedjen, THE BREATHLESS

“Fresh-baked cinnamon rolls.” – Breeana Shields, POISON’S KISS and POISON’S CAGE

“The smell of onion and garlic frying. You always know something good is going to come out of it.” – Sonia Belasco, SPEAK OF ME AS I AM

“Scented candles, freshly washed clothes, musk, vanilla orchids and freshly baked cookies & bread are just a few scents that make me smile every time.” – Leah Henderson, ONE SHADOW ON THE WALL

  1. Lilac flowers.
  2. The rotisserie corner in my Walmart Neighborhood Market.
  3. Subway bread.
  4. Coffee shops. - Dave Connis, THE TEMPTATION OF ADAM and SUGGESTED READING.

“I love that smell in the air when summer turns to fall and also when winter turns to spring. I love the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking and also garlic sauteeing in butter. I love being outside and having the smell of grilling hot dogs and burgers waft past. I love the way my dog smells like popcorn. And as a recent transplant to the south, I LOVE the smell of Jasmine blooming.” – Corrie Wang, THE TAKEDOWN

“Vanilla. Bonus points if it's something edible.” – Anna Priemaza, KAT AND MEG CONQUER THE WORLD

“Crabapple blossoms.” – Misa Sugiura, IT’S NOT LIKE IT’S A SECRET

 “The smell of a wood burning fire, especially in fall when the weather is just beginning to change.” – Chelsea Sedoti, THE HUNDRED LIES OF LIZZIE LOVETT and AS YOU WISH.

 “There's one scent that transports me, better than any time machine, to a specific place and time. Several years ago, my husband and I lived in Southern California. The town we lived in had a series of paved walking paths, called paseos, and planted along these paths were tons of jasmine plants. It was always hot during the day, but at night, just as the sun went down, we would go for walks. The wind usually blew a little and the fragrance was strong. It's a scent that I will forever associate with that wonderful time in my life when everything was ahead of us and while life wasn't always perfect, it was full of possibilities. And I was getting to live my dream with the guy I loved.” – Katie A. Nelson, THE DUKE OF BANNERMAN PREP

As for me, my favorite scents are: My kids when they're falling asleep after a bath, chocolate chip cookies, peonies, coffee, paper whites, fir trees, my grandmother's perfume, and cinnamon toast from Cafe Patachou in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Now I’d love to hear yours!! Leave it in the comment or quote-tweet this post/tag me so I can see it!

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