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YA Reads September Instagram Challenge

Next month is the start of Fall, and it's shaping up to be an exciting one for me! (I cannot WAIT TO SHARE SOME THINGS WITH YOU.)

To celebrate, I'm starting an Instagram challenge called #FallingForBooks. 

I LOVE books and fellow authors and making little pieces of fan art like the fangirl I am, so the goal is to shine a light on some amazing recent (and forthcoming) #YAlit. I'm going to post fan art quotes from YA books to Instagram throughout the month of September--and hope that some of you "fall" in #Instalove at first sight. (...See what I did there.) 

Sound like fun? If you want to participate, too: 

  • Post a short quote from a book you recently enjoyed and tag it #FallingForBooks
  • Don't feel pressure to post every day--but no spoilers, please! 
  • Have fun, and help others find new things to read! 

You can find me on Instagram at ebmwrites --- see you in September!