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2017 Debut: FROSTBLOOD

Please prepare yourself for some absolutely phenomenal books coming your way in 2017.

I haven't been blogging much over the last few weeks--but I HAVE been reading 2017 debuts out the wazoo and working on my own new WIP. Oh, and embarking on a little cross-country move from Connecticut to California. So, yeah. Quiet summer.

But all of this means I have many posts stored up, full of sneak peeks at debut authors and books coming your way next year. It's like Christmas in July. And, because of this--and the fact that the first book up is FROSTBLOOD by my #TeamNewLeaf sister Elly Blake--means I basically HAVE to break out the snow GIFs.

And now, without further ado, the first in a long line of book posts about some of the 2017 books I've most enjoyed:


Pub Date: 1/17/17


EM: What's your favorite dessert? 

EB: The maple nut blondie with cream sauce and ice cream from Applebees. Or chocolate cake. Or strawberry shortcake. Or tiramisu. I mean, so many choices!

EM: What's the most recent book you adored?

EB:  I just started DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING [by fellow Swanky Seventeen Tricia Levenseller] and I'm loving it! It has a feisty heroine, just like I like 'em! And hints of a love interest and high seas adventures and a secret plot! So many things to pull me in!


From its opening sentences, FROSTBLOOD is gorgeous. Blake's world shimmers with elements of fantasy, action, and romance. Its heroine, Ruby, is sharp, witty, flawed, and relatable--a cross between RED QUEEN's Mare Barrow and the complex internal struggle of THE GRISHA TRILOGY'S Alina Starkov.

Add a slow-burning romance that features a refreshing departure from the cookie-cutter male love interest, writing that is gorgeous and lush, and an absolute roller coaster of a climax. In short: I loved it.

Bring on book two!

Find more info here:

* Happy reading! *

- Emily