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New Leaf Website

My literary agency, New Leaf Literary & Media, just revamped their logo and website. It's so pretty! 

I'm so honored to be on the Author page with some writers I get truly starry-eyed thinking about: Leigh Bardugo, Victoria Aveyard, Veronica Roth, Lucy Keating, among others. (Excuse me while I laugh delightedly forever.)

And some of my Swanky Seventeen friends, too, who are not only incredibly talented but also SO wonderful as people: Elly Blake, Caroline Leech, Rebecca Ross, and Chelsea Sedoti. (Woot, #TeamNewLeaf)

Check out the New Leaf redesign and you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

And if you're looking for representation, I really can't recommend this agency more.

Submission guidelines here, with a special shout-out to my agent, Pete!