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The Little Library Cafe

Somehow I got distracted from writing the synopsis to my next book and ended up here.....


I'm sorry, I have died and gone to heaven. THE LITTLE LIBRARY CAFE is the most beautiful mash-up of two of my favorite things: food and books. 

Please go browse. Kate, the blogger/chef/reader/photographer has created recipes for many of the mouth-watering foods in classic books she's read and loved. You can search for what she's made either by food or BY BOOK.

You can even send in requests of your own favorite foods featured in fiction. I would probably start with my childhood favorites from the REDWALL series. (And I have a certain cake in mind from THE DISAPPEARANCES I dream of her making one day....)

If anyone wants to make any of Kate's concoctions, I will happily fawn over them and then help you eat them in entirety. Just don't go look at these pictures if you're hungry.

My favorites:

Apple and Almond cake from The Secret Garden:

A Truchbull-less chocolate cake from Matilda:

Are there any books you've read with mouthwatering food descriptions? Happy reading... and bon appetit!